DIY: Graphic Tee Clutch
January 24, 2014

Life’s not fair. Which becomes quite evident when you see how many amazing graphics guys have access to in the form of tees. Enter creativity. This tee transformation takes the form of an oversized photo clutch with an exposed zipper. Get a tee, give yourself an hour (more or less, depending on your sewing skills), then read on for the how-to…
* Graphic Tee (Pictured: Billabong Duncan Macfarlane Collab tee)  – Check out more on photog Duncan Macfarlane
* Heavy Canvas
* Heavy Iron-On Backing
* Thread
* Sewing machine or needle
* Zipper (16″ or 18″)
* Sharp Scissors
* Iron
* Pins

STEP 1: Start by measuring your graphic. This one was about 14″ x 10″, which makes a fairly large clutch. Cut off the back of the tee completely. Cut two pieces of heavy canvas (I used a painter’s drop cloth from the hardware store) to match the size of your graphic. Cut 2 pieces of heavy iron-on backing the same size. Iron one piece of backing to one of the canvas pieces, and the other to the back of your graphic.

STEP 2: Then trim the excess jersey from around your graphic.

STEP 3: Using the two pieces you just adhered backing to, line them up, sandwiching the non-backing sides together in the center. Along the side you want to be at the top of the bag, sew the canvas/backing piece and tee/backing piece together, leaving a 1/2″ seam.

STEP 4: Open up the pieces along the seam.

STEP 5: Press the backing sides together, and iron them so that they lay flat.

STEP 6: Now on to the untouched piece of canvas. Fold one of the long edges over 1/2″ and sew along that edge.

STEP 7: Lay both seamed edges on top of your zipper, leaving at least a 1/2″ excess fabric above where the metal zipper pull starts (see image above). Pin the zipper in place and sew the fabric onto the top of the zipper.

Step 8: Flip the two pieces of fabric over so that the right sides are facing each other. You are now looking at the inside of your bag. Sew around all 3 sides of the bag (excluding the side with the zipper!).

STEP 9: Unzip the zipper (this will be a little awkward as the zipper pull will be  inaccessible, but you’ll handle). Flip the bag right side out. Done!

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