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DIY: Flash Tattoo Glassware

As if the idea of semi-permanent jewelry wasn’t amazing enough already, we found another use for the metallic faux tats: glassware. With Gatsby-styled bars in high demand at the moment, gold-rimmed pieces are becoming hard to come by at flea markets. Most DIY’s we’ve found use vinyl decals that require a specialty pricey printer, or use spray paint and tape – limiting designs to straight lines. So when Flash Tattoos popped up on SWELL, we scooped a few up and got to experimenting. Read on for the how-to…

Flash Tattoos (we used the Goldfish Kiss Flash Tattoos)
Glasses (jars would work well for this one)
Alcohol (no, not the kind that goes in the glass…rubbing alcohol)
Clear spray paint

STEP 1: Clean the glasses and wipe the outside with rubbing alcohol.

STEP 2: Read the instructions on the Flash Tattoos and apply as you would when applying to your skin…but on the glass of course. Start with your least favorite design, as you may need a practice run or two here.
STEP 3: After the tattoo dries, spray a coat of clear paint over the design to help seal it in.
STEP 4:  Fill, drink, and HAND WASH. Be mindful not to scrub the design, and don’t place it anywhere near the dishwasher.

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