DIY: Driftwood Hangers
November 15, 2013

We know – hangers – not that exciting. But add some flair, and we’re all on board…if you get the drift. A slightly elevated hanger lets you display pieces outside of the closet (think vintage heirlooms or even tomorrow’s outfit) and makes a beachy display for necklaces, bracelets or scarves. They’re also a great gift idea for the style obsessed and/or the hard to shop for.
Read on for the 2-minute how-to.
Pictured: Show Me Your Mumu Dress
* Piece of driftwood (or any other type of wood you like, the straighter the better), about 15-18″ long
* Large ceiling hook, preferably with a pointed end (you can find these at almost any hardware store)
* Sandpaper and/or small hand saw

* Step 1: Collect some wood. The most fun step of all.
* Step 2: If the pieces are very large, cut them to about 18″. If your wood has any jagged edges or bark, you’ll want to sand those so that you don’t damage your clothing.
* Step 3: Screw in the hook to the center of the wood. Hopefully you bought hooks with a pointed end, otherwise, this may require a bit of muscle or starting the hole with a drill. Point: buy the hooks with a sharp point if you’re making more than one of these.
* Hang.

Pictured: Velvet Dress / DIY Jewelry Tree


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