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DIY: Chain Belt How to make a chain belt from a statement necklace

Splurge on an amazing new statement necklace? Good for you. You deserve it. To make sure you get the most miles out of it as possible, we’ve been playing around with different ways to incorporate it into your kits. This week we’ll show you how to convert it into a chain belt for less than $1 and 10 minutes. Extend your wardrobe by extending your statement necklace. Read on for the how-to…diy-hat-chain-materials
* Statement Necklace (pictured: Kihei Neckalce)
* Large Jewelry Clasp (I prefer a hook style)
* Metal Chain (enough to wrap around your waist)
* Large, Sturdy Jump Ring
* Pliers
(above materials available at any jewelry or craft store)
* (we’ll use the hat next week!)

* STEP 1: Hook the last loop of your chain onto the necklace clasp.

diy-hat-chain-step1 diy-hat-chain-step
* STEP 2: Using pliers, open your jump ring and loop it through the loose end of the chain and the new jewelry clasp. Use your pliers to close the jump ring tightly.

* DONE! Your necklace can now be worn over dresses, tunics, shorts, rompers…you get the point.

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