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DIY: Boot Socks

So you scored a pair of the most perfecto boots in history. No? Get to gettin’ some freshies here. Agreed? Then it’s time to accessorize. With boot socks that is. ‘Tis the season to trim out your boots. Get the most out of your pair with this easy DIY for killer boot socks, using the sleeves of an old sweater. Read on for the simply how-to….
(Pictured: Angie Sweater / Steve Madden Back Zip Boots)
Sweater (pictured: Angie Faux Angora Sweater) *a perfect use for an old, stretched out or slashed knit
Lighter or clear nail polish

Slice the sleeves off of your sweater, and pull them on as you would a leg warmer. Add boots.
If you’re concerned about fraying, you can do one of two things. If the material is synthetic, hold a lighter under the cut edge. The yarn should start to melt and glue itself together. If you’re using a natural fiber sweater, paint the cut edges with clear nail polish to keep them from unraveling.


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