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Saturday Salute: Cuc of the Day Cocktail

Feeling particularly parched? Liquidate with this refreshing, minty, floral-y cocktail. It’s my personal go-to for a post beach day refresher. And coincidentally, is pretty bikini friendly as far as cocktails go.
Recipe after the break…

* 2oz cucumber juice (see note below)
* small handful of mint
* 2 oz gin
* 1/2 oz elderflower liqueur (or sub in a splash of Ikea elderflower syrup)
* squeeze of lime

* Juice your cucumber. If you have a juicer, no explanation needed. No juicer? No worries. Slice a cucumber into a bowl and cover the slices in water. Leave them to soak for a few hours. Sub in your cucumber water for juice.
* Add your mint to a shaker and muddle, smashing it up a bit with a spoon or muddler.
* Add a handful of ice and the remainder of the ingredients to the shaker.
* Shake and strain into a rocks glass full of ice. Add a sprig of mint and cucumber slice if you’re feeling fancy.

/Sa’lute/: Italian meaning “cheers!” or “Enjoy excellent health.” Cheers to Saturday with Salute: a balanced dose of healthy recipes and weekend-worthy drinks.
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