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Surf Style Guide | Home for the Holidays


Welcome back home-sick surfers. Please endure this brief reminder/manifesto to restore order in the recently reshuffled line-ups. If your’re offended, you’re probably guilty of surf sins, so listen closely to SWELL’s guide to surfing home for the holidays.

No Phones

Regardless of what anyone else is doing, elevate your etiquette by keeping your iPhone out of sight. The boys will assume you’re phoning your new frat brothers to paddle out, and someone WILL give you shit (via snaking you) for that Instagram you just posted tagged #noplacelikehome #lovewhereIlive

Lose the Letterman Jacket

Theres a time and place to flaunt your giant logo’d hoody and sweatpants, but the parking lot of the local break isnt it. You dont just look like a jock, but it’s a reminder of your recent lack of homage to the scene.

While you’re at it, peel off that oversized insignia sticker covering your back window, and save yourself a window waxing. Instead, grab yourself a core essential hoody from SWELL.


Wetsuit or Boardshorts. Not both.

Please avoid wearing anything with a wetsuit. This includes glasses, accessories, hats, sandals, and ESPECIALLY boardshorts. Its cool to be that guy wearing trunks when the water is below 60, people might look at you funny but more power to ya.

Having trouble selecting your suit, allow us to help. Repair your core-score with a pair of RVCA trunks or some XCEL rubber.



Stray from the Pack

The landscape of the line-up has surely changed, and you’re not part of it. So dont go paddling out to the main peak. Warm up on some closeouts down the beach until the pack thins out. If you show up with a couple imports, you’d best find your own peak… and keep the chatter down.

No Pop-Outs

Resist  the urge to get that glossy epoxy sled that will last you 10 years. You are 20% less likely to get heckled when you’re riding a board shaped within the city limits. Looking to steal some wave at the San Clemente Beachbreaks? A hand-carved Timmy Patterson may put luck on your side


Closing thoughts:

-Dont be a hero. Wear a leash. You’re more likely to torpedo someone, before anyone notices you can casually keep your sled under your feet
-You’ll never fix a ding as good as your local ding guy
-You surf 50 percent better in a brand-new wetsuit.
-If you fall while running into the water, go back and start over

-Unless you’re seriously injured it is not OK to ask for help with your wetsuit.

Lastly, just dont be this guys… or do. And own it!

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