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Coachella Day Two | The Style + The Sounds Festival Recap from Guest Music Blogger, Molly

Holy Wind-chella, dust storms abound. If you didn’t realize yet, mother-nature sure let you know today that this festival is definitely in a desert. What started as a nice cooling breeze in the beginning of the day became full force gales, come nightfall. Needless to say, the Saturday crowds came ready to party yet few were anticipating the drastically inconvenient weather change. Outfits appropriate upon entering the gates, quickly played second fiddle to “creative” wraps and make shift wind protection.
Read on for the top trends of the day + your daily playlist…

(Pictured: Child of Wild babes at the Vestal Village)

photo 5Shop the Trend: Bustier Top | Romper

Seas of scarves, pashminas and bandanas, took over the polo fields. Transitioning into full body coverage, wearable sheaths became a crucial accessory into the evening hours. Boots were much more prevalent in the fairgrounds, kicking up dust as they shuffled to and from the campgrounds and lockers. Laced up, zipped down, buttons on the side, ankle to full length, girls had their boot game on lock.

photo 3

photo 1

Festival eyewear went from decorative accessory to full blown necessity, in a matter of hours. Men and women kept there sunglasses on well into the evening to shield them from the hazy wind blasts. Everyone’s hair, make up, outfit and body were pretty much dusted from the nighttime gusts, making little touches like these a fun alternate option in Coachella evening style.
Our sunny picks…

If you found yourself ill-equipped for the weather yesterday, fret not! Shop the Bikini Truck for hats, festival shades, scarves and trims…and leave with a free gift! The Airstream pop-up shop will be at the Saguaro Hotel all day long. Details here


Your curated playlist of the top 5 sets:
1. Future Islands
2. Julian Casablancas
3. NAS
4. Pharell
5. Kid Cudi
See Showbams for full run down

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