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Coachella Day One | The Style + The Sounds Festival Recap from Guest Music Blogger, Molly

Reaching temperatures in the mid to high nineties, the ladies were rocking barely there cut offs and sun protection with flair. Wide brimmed hats, were the go to accessory when the midday sun penetrated the morning cloud cover.

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Read on for the top trends of the day + your daily playlist…

Photo: Currently Crushing wearing the SWELL Palma Print Maxi
Shop the Trend: Bustier Bikini Tops

Bikini tops, bustiers and sheer lace tops were liberally substituted in place of the basic graphic tees and bandeaus, seen on the fairgrounds in previous years. Lacy shawls along with transparent kimonos and rompers, dominated the Sahara tent. Accompanied by the emblematic festival accessories of flower crowns and eccentric eyewear, statement pieces were limited and lacking innovation.

Shop the Trend: Patterned Maxi Dresses

Shop the Trend: Shift Dresses

Patterned maxi dresses, got caught flowing in the afternoon breezes. Often tightly fasted with thin leather belts and accompanied by fringe adorned satchels falling by the waist side. Strappy sandals, slip-ons and ankle boots, were the prominent footwear, however some forgot to remember my pro tip to forgo the heel, for comfier and more accommodating flats.

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Your curated playlist of the top 5 sets:
1. Outcast
2. Jagwar Ma
3. The Replacements
4. Chromeo
5. Goat
See Showbams for full run down

Check out the Festival Playlist + Coachella Tips

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