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Coachella Weekend One | The Style Festival Recap from Guest Music Blogger, Molly

On our best fest’d list…

Back in action this year:

Flower crowns and festival headwear.

Cut off daisy dukes, (or as we were cleverly coining them, “naughty mom shorts”).

– Body paint and colorful bedazzled skin adornments.

Eccentric eyewear, utilized this year not only for statement flair but also protective shields against dust and windstorms this year.

Bikini tops and bustiers, no need for shirts when navigating the Indio Polo Fields in the summer heat.

Between the overwhelming presence of flag regalia (we had a running tally of nearly 200 shirts) and sunflower print, at certain points Coachella felt more like a Fourth of July picnic then music fest in the desert. Bandanas, shorts, crop tops, tanks, bikinis, scarves, nearly everything you can put these patriotic prints on were there in full effect. Teamed with floral crests, Indian headdresses and emphasizing accessories, bro-merica’ was across the board the top look of Coachella weekend one. With a few Native American prints sprinkled in the mix for good measure, Americana is back in full force on the festival front for 2014.

With a good mix of hard rock veterans on the bill, nineties fashion resurfaced amongst the festival crowds circumventing the Sahara Tent and Do Lab. Plaid flannels, teamed with dark denim and combat boots came in handy for the blustery evenings and dust ridden fairgrounds Saturday night. Dark lip colors and pale foundation, ruled the intense crowds of the Outdoor Amphitheater stage this weekend, for standout female acts Haim and Lorde.  Bringing back nineties hair knots, coke-bottle sunglasses and overall shorts, the collective minds of “girl-power” era females were blown when Gwen Stefani took the stage to cameo in Pharrell’s all-star set. Gearing up for next weekend, raid your older brother or uncle’s closet or better yet shop these styles at SWELL.

A graduated take on the traditional “hippie” garb, the look this year was somewhat scandalous peasant wear. Lace camisoles, loose knit sweaters, transparent cotton rompers along with sheer crochet tops and crochet pants. “Doily Chic ,” was a term loosely thrown around all weekend, with ladies leaving little to the imagination although being for the most part , completely covered. Open toed sandals and ankle boots, paired perfectly for most as festival friendly footwear complimentary to the heat and fairground terrain. Lightly pinned braids and loose curls flowed effortlessly in the wind which were tucked beneath large floppy hats in a variety of neutral colors, to protect from midday sun and accessorize at night.

Strictly Festival Finds:

– “Man-y packs,” convenient for the hands free bro.

– Cat everything, (ears, shirts, leggings, shoes) feline fashion hit an all time high, this year.

-Male leotards, no pants no problem (even a few thongs in the mix, oh my).

-Cabana hats, rocking the island convenience as not only a beacon but sun protection essential.

-Relective jackets and body suits. Who needs glitter when your entire outfit can shine.

-“Booty Shakers” or chain belts, if you lose your friends no problem they’ll hear you jingling a mile away.

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