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SeaMade: #CityWild 3rd Point Stories of native wanderings by blogger, Madison

Exiting the canyon and making our way down Las Virgenes Road, I couldn’t help but reflect on how far we had come. From the campground to our makeshift trail to cliff jumps and stream paddles, we were all feeling really psyched and ready to jump in the ocean. The panoramic ocean view kept our minds off the heat mirages coming up off the pavement to lick our ankles.


Some of us got a little worried we wouldn’t have time to surf because the trail blazing was taking a lot longer than just cruising down what we thought might be an existent trail. But all in all we passed Pepperdine at about 5:30 and even had time to hydrate with some fresh juices at the Pressed truck.

Passing through the beach entrance of the Malibu wall gave us such an enormous feeling of accomplishment and gratitude. Eveline phoned a friend and had her log dropped off, which was key to catching waves that evening. Even though the conditions were lackluster, we had such a good time sliding around in the water and attempting nose time on the tiny right hand peelers. Sean and Eveline were tied for best hang 10 but everyone was scoring. Not only had we just trailblazed through Malibu Canyon by ourselves, but now we had Malibu 1st, 2nd and 3rd points to ourselves.
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As darkness fell, we emerged from the sea feeling refreshed…and really hungry. It was time to head back to camp for a night of whiskey hot cocos, BBQ, talking story, and lotsa sleep.
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So that’s the end of CityWild–Malibu Canyon. I hope you’ve enjoyed following along with our journey and have some CityWild trips of your own in the works. Have you found bliss amongst the chaos of a city? Share your native wandering stories with us on Instagram by tagging #CityWild.

And hey, no long faces- this isn’t the end of CityWild…stay tuned for more adventures to come soon!

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#CityWild is an original series created by Madison Olson & Adam Reynolds. We couldn’t have made this initial extraordinary journey happen without our amazing crew: Melissa Ryan, Andy Reynolds, Pat O’Malley, Shane Passantino, Eveline Van Brande, Sean Johnson, Katie Dillon, Dom Russo, John Martini, Charles Isaac, and Jess Cohen.

Follow the native wanderings: #CityWild

Photos: Adam Reynolds & Melissa Ryan

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