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SeaMade: #CityWild 1st Point Stories of native wanderings by blogger, Madison

Take a moment to visualize complete chaos. Got it? Rush hour traffic in the middle of Los Angeles is a prime example that quickly comes to my mind. Now visualize the complete opposite. If you need some help, imagine this: a nature zone with over 4,000 acres just 25 miles from downtown Los Angeles, complete with hiking trails and an iconic point break. When presented with an opportunity to escape chaos, Malibu Creek State Park was our calling.

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Upon arrival to camp, I was blown away by the beauty of the surrounding sycamore woodlands and chaparral-covered slopes. Vexed memories of traffic on the 101 freeway evaporated from my mind as I faced new road warriors- two coyotes and a few deer on the campground entrance path.

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As our crew trickled in from across LA and Southern California, we got to work constructing a surf shanty camp that even the most well seasoned surf vagabonds would have commended. Evening light pressed through the leaves and saturated our faces with gold. In the absence of phones and watches, our internal clocks notified us we only had an hour to go before darkness and our cramped bodies yearned to be stretched. With only beer bottle caps and half assembled tents claiming our camp spots, we took off down the closest trail to explore the surroundings.

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We came across an old water tank, as empty and lonesome as the people who have called it home at one time or another must have been.

Explorations of our native surroundings concluded for the evening with a jaunt back to camp, all the while smiles and stories being shared as our group came together to kick off CityWild.

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While the fire was built, the rest of us got to preparing a dense dinner to get fueled up for the hike to follow the next day. Tales, whiskey, and s’mores galore were passed around the fire, sending us into the ultimate happy camper coma. Even though thoughts of dodging coyotes, cars, and falling rocks entered my expectations of the hike to come, I went to bed excited for the next day and anticipated an amazing adventure. Little did I know, my expectations would go above and beyond all things positive I had only hoped to occur.
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The morning of the hike greeted us with blazing sunshine and a mere two gallons of coffee. Bacon sizzled and coconut water was guzzled. Once our packs were locked and loaded, we set forth down the trail, surfboards under arm. When I say trail, I mean the deer trail leading to Las Virgenes Road, where we walked for about a mile before dropping into the canyon. The Malibu Ferrari Club buzzed by, leaving our vagabond surf crew shrouded in dust. There was no stopping us though. Nothing could deter us from our mission into the canyon.

Next week on SeaMade we’ll be navigating over boulders, through the forest, and across the river of Malibu Creek Canyon…


GO THERE: Malibu Creek State Park 

#CityWild is an original series created by Madison Olson & Adam Reynolds. We couldn’t have made this initial extraordinary journey happen without our amazing crew: Melissa Ryan, Andy Reynolds, Pat O’Malley, Shane Passantino, Eveline Van Brande, Sean Johnson, Katie Dillon, Dom Russo, John Martini, Charles Isaac, and Jess Cohen.

Find out more about #CityWild here

Photos: Adam Reynolds & Melissa Ryan

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