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How To: Catch a Party Wave Catchsurf Partywave Pro Johnny Redmond Explains the Art of Hot Dogging


Johnny Redmond stole the show once again in the 2nd annual Party Wave Patriot Session at Salt Creek, and he’s giving you a free lesson on going nuts in the summer surf.

The Flying Salamander: (above) “It’s rarely caught on film so this was like finding a four leaf clover. This is truly a feather in my cap”

Just aim for a closeout section and project your board through the lip, kicking out the back of the wave and stretch all fours like a Richard Simmons workout video



The Coffin:  “Standing up is great and all but laying down offers a whole new vision in the wet hole!”

Cross your arms and hope to fly. Score extra style points for pointed toes… or just throw em in the air and jitterbug down the face.


The Super-man-crush:  Plan this tandem party wave maneuver with a buddy, or pull it on somebody who snakes you. Joel here tried to resist, but I whispered in his ear “Just let it happen” and we blew minds”



Couch Potato: This extremely rare “trick” has taken me a lifetime to perfect” 


The 6 Man Partywave: Kick the tires and light the fire’s cause it’s party time!!!

Guys with longer boards should make their bottom turns and aim down the face, because shorter boards will be making kamakazi airdrops under the lip. Then let the Jousting ensue!


The Unicorn Factory Floater:  Hold on, this looks a little too serious for a Party. (Submit to Surfer Magazine)


The Turn & Burn: When you’re going soft in the lineup there’s no such thing as getting “burned””

Pull some figure 8s by taking a highline, then fading back into the pocket


Double Drop-Wallet Knee Carve:  “Nothing gets the ladies off their towels like getting down on your knees”

Stick your arm in the wave like you’re pulling your e-brake and whip the tail


Stinkbug Roof Drag: “This is my go-to hot dogging maneuver”


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