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SeaMade: Introducing #CityWild

There’s a search within us all. A quest. A purpose. As surfers, we intrinsically set out to chase swell, catch waves, and find the serenity of nature and the ocean. The search relieves us from the monotony and confines of our busy lives.

#CityWild is a collection of stories about breaking free and finding adventure in unexpected places. It’s about native wanderings that lead us to uncharted territories in the midst of urbanism.


Pictured: Surfrider Long Sleeve


Pictured: RAEN Sunglasses | Critical Slide Society Tee

Pictured: Billabong Tank | RVCA Hat

Pictured: RVCA Tee | Burton Shirt

Pictured: Billabong Tee


Pictured: RVCA Hat

At the beginning of April, our crew set forth on our first #CityWild adventure. The one day hike and three night campout went above and beyond all our desires and expectations. Whether you’re a die hard surf camp enthusiast or a city dweller, I hope our story gives you some inspo to set forth on your own version of the trip.

Pictured: RAEN Sunglasses

Pictured: Rhythm Girls

Pictured: Billabong Shirt | RVCA Hat | RAEN Sunglasses

Pictured: Billabong Tanks



Pictured: Billabong Pineapple Tank | Rhythm Hat | RAEN Sunglasses


Over the next few weeks on SeaMade, you can follow us on our first #CityWild adventure as we camp, hike, and surf our way to complete bliss in the midst of chaos. You will get a glimpse into our journey as we make our way along a challenging trail through Malibu Creek Canyon to the splendors of the infamous Malibu point break.

To kick off the trip we’re going to get packing. Here’s what you’ll need to create your own #CityWild, Malibu style.

* Surfboards
* Wetsuit
* Ding repair kit
* First aid kit
* Sleeping nest- tent, bag, pillow
* Backpack
* Rope
* Headlamp
* Hiking boots
* Socks galore
* Hat
* Sunscreen
* Towels
* Knife & multi tool
* Tunes (Pro Pick: the Nixon Blaster )
* Camp games like cards, bocce ball, beer pong or just regular old ping pong
* Coolers
* Cookware
* Lots of food & tasty beverages
* Water
* Wood & fire starters


Pictured: RVCA Boardshort


Come back to SeaMade this Saturday to catch the first leg of the trip: camp life and setting forth down the canyon.

#CityWild is an original series created by Madison Olson & Adam Reynolds. We couldn’t have made this initial extraordinary journey happen without our amazing crew: Melissa Ryan, Andy Reynolds, Pat O’Malley, Shane Passantino, Eveline Van Brande, Sean Johnson, Katie Dillon, Dom Russo, John Martini, Charles Isaac, and Jess Cohen.

Huge thanks to our supporting brands: SWELL, RAEN Optics & Zico Coconut Water.

Photos: Adam Reynolds & Melissa Ryan

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