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Billabong Bikini Truck Stop: UC Santa Barbara Photos from the Billabong Bikini Truck, Powered by SWELL

Adios, UC Santa Barbara babes, you will be missed. The Billabong Bikini Truck, powered by SWELL is packing up and on the road to San Diego. Yesterday, Bikini lovers from Isla Vista (i.e., 99.9% of girls who live in Isla Vista) had the first chance to come aboard the bikini showroom and slide out into Greek Park.
All for a good cause. Our hostesses from Delta Gamma helped to orchestrate our first charity event. With nine sororities competing for their charity of choice, the house with the highest sales of the day took home 10% of proceeds to give to their charity.
And the winners….Delta Gamma! Over $300 was raised for Service for Sight!

Thank you everyone for coming out to support your cause…while finding a few Billabong Bikinis, VonZipper shades, and Pura Vida bracelets along the way of course.

Read on for photos from the UCSB Bikini Truck stop + Instagram contest winners.

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For more photos check out #BillabongBikiniTruck and


Winner, winner, Billabong Bikini
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Visit one of the Billabong Bikini Truck stops. Post a photo from the event to your Instagram account, including the tags #BillabongBikiniTruck and @SWELL_style.

* 3 Billabong Bikinis at each stop!
* 2 VIP Billabong Design for Humanity Tickets (winner announced August 8th)
* a SUPERbrand Surfboard (winner announced August 8th)



* For the latest updates, directions, and hours, check out SWELL’s Facebook Events Page

* San Diego State University // Tuesday, March 11th @ SDSU. Grab a bikini before Spring Break! Yes, the public is welcome to this (and all) event(s)! Click here to RSVP

* Palm Springs // Saturday, March 15th @ The Saguaro, Palm Springs! Be the first to shop the truck at the official Retail Launch Party. Grab a bikini and take it for a test dive poolside. Hope to see you there!

Want to pre-shop the Billabong Bikini Truck? Check out some of our favorite pieces at SWELL

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