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SeaMade: Big Sur

madison lookout_watts
You know it’s time for a road trip to nature when your eyes start sporadically twitching from staring at a screen too much. Which is exactly what a couple of my best friends and I did last week. I hopped on board to Big Sur with Surfline Photo Editor Billy Watts and his girlfriend Jessica for an amazing week of camping, waves, hiking, and relaxing. It was the best vacation a burnt out college student like me could ask for right before finals. The sun blazed, the winds howled offshore, the beer never stopped flowing, and the beaches refreshed our tired bodies. To follow is a highlight reel of our trip, which really does not do the trip or Big Sur justice. The place is frikin’ amazing. Do yourself (and tired eyes) a favor and get there ASAP.
Pictured: RVCA Hat | Billabong Fleece
Photo: @billywatts

sand dollar_watts
Opening wide for a Thanksgiving feast.
Photo: Billy Watts

madisons tent
We camped at Kirk Creek, where I could see the cutest little sea otters floating in the kelp beds from my tent.

julia pfeiffer_watts
The infamous Julia Pfeiffer waterfall.
Photo: Billy Watts

andrew molera_watts
Andrew Molera doing its thing.
Photo: Billy Watts

pano sunset

back seat life
We hustled up and down the coast like turkeys about to get their heads cut off.
Pictured: RVCA Hat | Raen Sunglasses

Her moo translated to, “Thank goodness it’s Turkey Day.”
Photo: Billy Watts

bixby bridge
Bixby Bridge at the northern end of Big Sur.

billy watts
The man, the myth, the legend – Billy Watts, doin’ work.

madison hiking
Feeling extra petite amongst the red woods.
Photo: Billy Watts

A stellar friend.

ocean bath
There was no running water at our campground so we bathed in the ocean everyday.

sunset from camp
Good bye warmth.

willow creek pano
Willow Creek at high tide.

billy and jessica
Lovebirds, Billy & Jessica, doing one of our many routine surf checks.

a frame_watts
Photo: Billy Watts

Photo: Billy Watts

The Big Sur Taphouse has become my alltime favorite tavern in California. Frothy craft beer on tap, board games, and wifi lend a nice break from camplife. The deli next door has a great selection of craft beer, wine, and camp goods for prices much more reasonable than any other stores I’ve stopped into up there.

thanksgiving dinner
Thanksgiving dinner never tasted so good thanks to propane stove cook master, Billy.

elephant seals
Elephant seals are unbelievably huge and strange! You can find them in San Simeon at Elephant Seal Point.

Migrating back south.

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