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#SeaMade: A Dive Into ‘Beyond the Surface’


Take a moment to think about India. What are some of your initial thoughts? Surfing pristine peelers and cultivating social change may not be the fist thoughts to come to mind but for Crystal Thornburg-Homcy and her filmmaker husband, Dave, that’s exactly what comes to mind.

In the documentary ‘Beyond The Surface’ Ishita Malaviya, the first female surfer in India, joins five unique and talented women: Crystal Thornburg-Homcy, Liz Clark, Lauren Hill, Emi Koch, and Kate Baldwin. They travel through Southern India exploring the ways surfing, yoga, and ecological creativity can bring hope to the people of India, and the rest of the world.

When I saw the film at the San Diego Surf Film Festival, I was extremely inspired and not one bit surprised the film won the award for best documentary of the entire fest. This is a story you don’t want to miss.
Read on for the trailer and inspirations from the crew…

DIVING INTO ‘BEYOND THE SURFACE’: Inspiration from the Crew
Crystal: “‘Beyond The Surface’ explores different ways of looking at life, and ones connection to the unknown. To diving into the possibilities of living your dreams, and making a positive impact within the world. Breaking out of your comforts and exploring new ways of living, believing your dreams, and feeling a deeper connection of life on this beautiful planet.”

Lauren Hill: “Beyond The Surface’ is a different kind of surf film. It’s a film representative of the other half of our surfing culture, the part that is about cooperation, not competition; about introspection and maintaining a sense of awe about the world and the gift of wave riding. Beyond the Surface celebrates the feminine and depicts the surfing culture that we hope for.”

Captain Liz Clark: “Beyond the Surface is living what you believe, with compassion, and creating deeper human connections with humans everywhere.”

Ishita: “Through the incredible stories shared in this film, I hope that people will be inspired to travel, experience new cultures, connect with others through our common love for the ocean, and develop compassion for our fellow human beings and mother nature.”

Emi: Going beyond the surface is, “A way of living purposefully and with the utmost enthusiasm. To question what resides on the surface level. To never stop learning and growing as a fully capable soul. Understanding what lights your inner flame then feeding that fire and driving it forward for social good.”


Inspired to take a surf adventure?
Below are a few items you’ll be happy you brought along…

surf trip packing list

* A Solid Surfable Bikini (Pictured: Billabong Crossback Top | Billabong Neoprene Bikini Bottom )
* Polarized Shades (Pictured: Shwood Sunglasses )
* A Day Pack (Pictured: Billabong Backpack )
* A Wetsuit Top, even if you’re headed for tropical waters (Pictured: Billabong Surf Capsule Jacket )
* Surf Leggings for escaping the sun, shore adventures, or for covering up in the line up when local customs call for it (Pictured: Roxy Surf Leggings)
* Swim Fins for body surfing and underwater exploration (Pictured: DaFin )
* Multi Tool, packed in your checked luggage (Pictured: Bohnam Script Leatherman Multi Tool )
* Tie Down Straps for rental cars/taxis (Pictured: Dakine Tie Downs )

maxi dress
* Don’t forget…If you are traveling to India, or other countries where modest dressing is customary, pack maxi dresses, beach pants and scarves or sarongs to cover up without scorching in the heat. Do your research on what type of dress is appropriate for the country you are visiting and err on the side of modesty to respect local customs (as well as to look after your own safety). Pictured: THML Dress | Starfish Print Scarf | Mahalo Scarf

* Photos courtesy of Dave Homcy
* Follow the Thornburg-Homcys journeys
Interviews by Madison

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