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Meet Your Maker | SWELL x Burton Beeracuda Newport Lensman Jake Pollgreen Shoots the Coolest New Liquid Lunchbox


Jake Pollgreen has been perfecting his perspective in the Newport lineups for nearly a decade, so we demanded he immortalize his work on the best party favor of 2014… the Beeracuda.  Here he enlightens us about surfing, shooting and life on the peninsula.


” This shot for the Beeracuda (above) is a classic Newport Beach scene. The forecast said there would be swell so the parking spots were all taken by like 6:30am. The swell had been smaller than planned but super fun – nuggets everywhere. I was shooting for the company I worked for at the time and snagged hundreds of photos like this.

This one stood out because it shows how crowded it was but how there were peaks everywhere. I’m not even sure who this guy is but he had his share of these all morning. I put down the camera when the work-crowd left and got plenty myself. I love living and shooting here.”


Camera Used for the Shot?  Canon 7D but a couple film shots here and there from my Dad’s old Minolta

Favorite Surfer to shoot?  Most wildcards. Lately, Stephan Figueiredo has been in town getting some mental waves and he’s so smooth in heavy conditions.

Beer of Choice to fill this Liquid Lunchbox? PBR, hands down.

Last live show you saw?  Ratatat semi-secret mini show. And it was insane.

Aspiring Photographers should never leave home without: Fully charged battery and empty cards.


Magic Board?  Flat and skatey. Worked for JC Hawaii for a while – tried a lot of boards. Josh Hoyer’s model was what i ended up sticking with. It’s low-entry rocker, a bit more volume to the nose and wider/shorter than your normal board. I ride 5’11” x 18.6” x 2.25”

Next surf trip?  Salina Cruz

Where can we see more of magical surfscapes of yours? IG @snakephotos  Follow it!

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4th of July War story?  This year it involved falling in a pool, slapping a horse’s ass, and as i write this, 4 days later, my house is still a disaster.

First Whip? 1986 Chevy Cavalier with my Dad’s Camaro surf racks on it. Named her Ruth (RIP Great-Gma). That car got me into some sketchy situations ha

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Jake’s Photog Tips

1. Have fun with it. Learn your camera like the back of your hand; and know what a shot will look like before you even set up. I like to look at how the waves are coming in and then scout the beach for the best angle. Sometimes you’re just shooting straight or with no foreground, but that’s ok – this is YOUR art.


2. I had to learn this the hard way when I was starting: Never blow “the code”. Know where you’re shooting and what the local (unspoken) code is for sharing those photos online – usually you should wait till the swell is over. A less empty lineup is more fun to shoot anyways

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