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Ready for the 4th Style Post by Guest Blogger, Leah.

As soon as the 4th of July comes around I am always too busy at the beach, buying fireworks, and finding a way to stop by every fun party happening in that one day, that the choosing of my outfit is pushed back until the night before. I am always a bit disappointed afterwards, wishing I would’ve put more style into my fourth outfit. This year I was determined to get a head start on my 4th of July getup and pick clothes that are not only stars and stripes, but can be worn for all the summer adventures to come soon after.

Pictured: Billabong Overalls | Billabong BikiniDSC_0453Nothing screams summer more than a great pair of denim overalls. Whether you’re snapping this on over your bikini, riding your bike, or dancing with sparklers in hand, these are simply the best. During the day a simple white crop top is all you need under these denim beauties. And while at the beach or later in the evening make this even more ready for the fourth by pairing it with this star printed bikini top. You can never have too many triangle tops and this one works as a great bandeau under your overalls while also giving you that fun summer vibe. The key with your 4th of July outfit is to look stylish, feel comfortable, and an outfit that is versatile enough for the variety of fun to be had. I’m ready for the 4th of July and already thinking of all the fun coming my way in less than two weeks!

DSC_0472fireworks2Pictured: Billabong Overalls | Billabong Bikini

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