3rd Annual Battle of the Paddle
October 1, 2010
Battle of the PAddle

Battle of the PAddle
If you’re amongst the anti-sweeper movement, its time to get over it. Not only because the Battle of the Paddle at Doheny Stand Up Paddling pushes the limits watersports, but that most of these guys/gals surf better than you.

The Battle of the Paddle showcases elite SUP racing and maneuvering in a 5 mile biathlon for $25,000 in prize money. You seriously can’t take your eyes off the competitors as they punch through the waves and muscle their 12′ boards down the beach.

Last year delivered a solid head high swell which not only challenged the international competitors, but allowed trailing racers to catch waves in and surpass event favorites. Friend of SWELL, TJ Seamen took home a respectable 13th last year out of 94 world class competitors. This oceanic hombre charges when its flat or firing. Check out the video below, and watch TJ SUP scratch and swim into every slab in the seven seas.

The Battle of the Paddle features a SUP expo and heaps of good times at Doheny State Park, there’s something for everyone. Organizers extended the event an extra day because of the raging success over the past two years. Look for the SWELL hooligans hooting for TJ in the beer garden and we’ll toss you a custom coozie.

When you come home from Doho feeling like a chubby chump after watching these watermen grind out 5 miles of hell, hop on SWELL.com and check out our NEW selection of Riviera Stand Up Paddleboards. You can score a rippable SUP for under a grand, so get your gear here and start sweeping with pride. If some insecure punk ever tries to heckle the sport, kindly offer a board swap and watch his knees wobble…it works.

Here’s the weekend breakdown:

Saturday October 2 – Event day 1
7:00A.M. Event registration opens
9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. SUP EXPO & Kid’s Activities
8:30A.M. National Anthem
8:45A.M. Hawaiian Blessing
9:00A.M. Opening Ceremonies – Hitia O Tera (Tahitian drums & dance show)
9:45A.M. The Challenge – Tom Pohaku Stone & Elite Racers (chanting before race).
10:00A.M. The Elite Race
1:30P.M. The Open Age-Group Race
3:00P.M. Awards ceremonies

Sunday, October 3 Event day 2

7:00A.M. Event registration opens
9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. SUP EXPO & Kid’s Activities
9:00A.M. The Distance Race
12:00P.M. Kid’s SUP Races
1:30P.M. SUP Surf Relays
3:00P.M. Awards ceremonies